Bioretec´s absorbable RemeOs™ metal implants

Feel of traditional metal implants + No need for removal operations

The patented RemeOs™ material brings implants to the orthopedic world that have the handling and feel of traditional metal implants combined with absorbable properties. The same operation techniques can be used for RemeOs™products as for traditional metal implants – the only difference being that there is no need for removal operations. RemeOs™ implants have demonstrated their safety and effectiveness through excellent clinical results.

The strength retention of RemeOs™ implants is tailored to match bone healing. Remeos™ Screw LAG Solid has clinically proven clear patient benefits, like relief from symptoms and improved patient function, leading to increased patient satisfaction.

Benefits and Indications
  • Indicated for the fixation of the medial malleolus
  • Intended to be used for skeletally mature adults
  • Intended for use in traumatic and orthopedic surgery
  • Fixation of bone fractures (osteosynthesis)
  • fixation after osteotomies
  • Correction of deformities or mal-alignments
  • 100% Absorbable implants serve as temporary fixation and stabilization by osteosynthesis of bone fractures osteotomies until bony fusion has occurred
  • Implants combine safe and osteopromotive biometal with Bioretec’s unique manufacturing technologies
  • Bioretec´s RemeOs™ alloy does not contain any rare earth elements (REE) which have shown effects like promoting apoptosis and other short and long-term adverse biological effects


  • Absorbable – No need for removal operation
  • Partially threaded, non-cannulated screws ( more screw option are in pipeline )
  • Design and size selection offers optimized compression for claimed indication
  • Low profile screw head similar to AO screws reduces soft tissue irritation
  • Surgical technique is comparable to conventional metal implants.
  • Self-tapping in cancellous bone
  • Compression performance and fixation comparable with conventional metal implants
  • Excellent biomechanical properties: high strength and stiffness.
  • Unique and patented absorbable metal alloy is constructed from Magnesium, Calcium and Zinc – essential elements of new bone formation in the human body.
  • The osteopromotive effect of the resorption minerals induces new bone formation which happens simultaneously with the implant absorption. This ensures excellent biocompatibility and a firm connection between the implant and the bone during the entire healing period.
  • Implant is supplied dry heat sterilized – Safe, free of EtO residues, reduced cross infection risk