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Spartan Medical® has access to a network of more than ten thousand (10,000+) CLIA accredited laboratories across the United States, through our partners, offering diagnostic/testing services, in a manner that is focused on improving and optimizing the patient’s experience. Our labs have HIPAA and EHR certifications, allowing for a streamlined, end-to-end process, from web-based automated test authorization by a tele-doctor and real-time test scheduling, to sample collection and RT-PCR test processing and post-test contact tracking and tracing. In addition, each lab director (as part of the CLIA licensing requirements) mandates all principle lab directors and signatory medical directors of the lab to adhere to National Incident Management and the subsequent reporting


  • Technicians from CLIA accredited laboratories can collect test samples or train medical staff to collect the samples.
  • Collections can be done at an established collection site or at one of the many CLIA accredited laboratories across the country.
  • We coordinate with each laboratory for the swift transport of test samples to the microbiology laboratory for immediate testing.
  • Transport vehicles are equipped with refrigeration to control the temperature of the test samples when required.
  • Technicians can process a test sample and obtain reliable results in the most expeditious manner possible to meet the needs of the organization.
  • Results can be securely uploaded and delivered on an expedited basis.

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FDA CLIA Overview

Expert Consultation

Richard Carroll, PhD is an expert in Immunology and Microbiology who is working with Spartan Medical® on our COVID-19 projects. Dr. Carroll has not only held esteemed positions, dedicating his life to the detection of infectious disease, but he also holds five patents and has been widely published in respected medical journals. Dr. Carroll is uniquely qualified to help Spartan Medical® assist local, state and federal governments, universities, and colleges develop tailored solutions to address their testing needs. A copy of Dr. Carroll’s CV can be provided upon request.

All necessary regulatory documentation, instructions for use, published studies, patient education tools, etc. (as applicable) can be provided upon request by contacting or (888) 240-8091. We are available at any time to meet with Providers and Staff to answer any questions about Spartan Medical’s entire portfolio of advanced medical solutions.