Mission-Focused Leadership

During my time at the United States Air Force Academy and as an active-duty Air Force intelligence officer, I learned that creating a winning culture motivated people and that a dedicated team driven towards a common goal can overcome any barrier to progress.

In the military, you do not have the ability to motivate people with more money, but you can motivate them with a culture that always puts your troops first and conveys the message that your team and mission are paramount.

When I entered the corporate world, I saw firsthand that big company missions are often tied directly to profits, quotas, and shareholders. A real mission has to tie back to taking care of your people and making sure they can exceed goals while maximizing their personal and professional potential.

Earning loyalty and translating it into fulfilled goals is a concept I call Mission-Focused Leadership. In essence, Mission-Focused Leadership focuses on earning your team’s loyalty so you can motivate, mentor, and mobilize them to achieve their goals and surpass industry norms. Whether in the military or the business world, if you go above and beyond for your team, they will reciprocate that dedication. The adage “if you take care of your troops, they’ll take care of you” is absolutely true.

Mission-Focused Leadership has propelled my business to its vanguard position in a highly competitive industry. Our successes are proof that a winning company culture increases morale, engagement, and revenue.

In the months to come, I’ll share insights and advice on how to take practical steps that will help you implement your own version of Mission-Focused Leadership. With it, you can build a company culture that employees love while protecting your business during the Great Resignation.


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