The Top 25 Healthcare Technology Leaders of Washington, DC for 2023

Jan 10, 2023

The Healthcare Technology Report


The Healthcare Technology Report is pleased to announce The Top 25 Healthcare Technology Leaders of Washington, DC for 2023. While the District of Columbia is more traditionally known for its public sector significance and professional services rather than its healthcare technology industry, the leaders on this year’s list and the companies they represent may very well put the district on the map. Across a variety of specialties, from molecular diagnostics to immunology, therapeutics, and pharmaceuticals, among many others, these companies are revolutionizing healthcare technology for patients and clinicians in the DC metro area and beyond.


Some of the distinguished leaders on this year’s list include Vince Proffitt, Founder and President of Spartan Medical®, whose comprehensive, turnkey programs helped suppress COVID-19 outbreaks and keep customers’ organizations safely operating during the pandemic. Meanwhile, President and CEO Bruce Lichorowic’s Galen Robotics is developing a single-platform solution to eliminate hand tremors and enable surgeons to realize precise, minimally invasive interventions that were previously considered beyond human capacity. And CEO Dr. Yaning Wang’s Createrna Science & Technology is developing novel therapeutics for diseases with high unmet medical need, and the company recently announced positive top-line results from the Phase 1 studies of a leading drug candidate for the treatment of refractory and unexplained chronic cough.

The awardees on this year’s list lead from a range of positions, from CEO to COO, CTO, Vice President, and more. What they have in common is their dedication to innovating within their specialties to save lives and extend the healthspans of patients in the DC metro area and around the world. Please join us in celebrating The Top 25 Healthcare Technology Leaders of Washington, DC for 2023.


1. Sam Reed
Company: DNA Electronics
Title: Chief Executive Officer

Sam Reed is the Chief Executive Officer of DNA Electronics. He first joined the company in 2007 as Chief Operating Officer. DNAe is a pioneering molecular diagnostics company developing solutions which enable rapid near-patient, real-time diagnostics. The innovative application of DNAe’s semiconductor technology in LiDiaTM diagnostic products allows it to combine powerful analytical capability and accurate results with speed and simplicity, while performing a range of genomic analyses — from highly parallel separate tests to powerful next generation sequencing (NGS). And in every scenario, it is a complete end-to-end diagnostic solution for a fast actionable result.

DNAe’s initial focus is on a diagnostic test for bloodstream infections for use in the management and prevention of sepsis where speed can make the difference between life and death. By accurately and rapidly identifying what infection a patient has, the test will provide the clinician with the actionable information needed to help select the appropriate antibiotics to treat the disease. DNAe was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in London, U.K. It expanded operations in 2015 with a clinical diagnostic development and manufacturing site in San Diego, CA.

Previously, Reed was a manager at Key Technologies, Inc. He earned a Master of Science in analogue and digital integrated circuit design from Imperial College London and undergraduate degrees in physics and electrical engineering from the University of Maryland.


2. Tarik Krim
Company: GMED North America
Title: Chief Executive Officer

Tarik Krim is the Chief Executive Officer of GMED North America. GMED’s experienced specialists in Europe and North America are ready to support clients efficiently as they work towards certification projects to take clients’ medical devices to target markets. GMED’s success and high performance rely on the excellence and commitment shown by its teams, which are highly trained in current assessment and certification methods.

Before joining GMED, Krim was the Europe Business Development Manager for Consumer Products and later the Country Project Manager for China at LNE, France’s National Laboratory of Metrology and Testing. He graduated from University Paris XII with an undergraduate degree in company management.


3. Jen Hardesty
Company: Remedi SeniorCare Pharmacy
Title: Chief Clinical Officer

Jennifer L. Hardesty, PharmD, FASCP, serves as Chief Clinical Officer for Remedi SeniorCare. In this role, she is responsible for the clinical programs of the company and effective consultant pharmacy services. Dr. Hardesty advises the CEO to ensure that the organization’s operational and clinical plans will promote Remedi SeniorCare as the recognized leader in effective pharmacy services. Since 2006, she has held clinical leadership roles at Remedi SeniorCare, including Director of Clinical Services for the Mid-Atlantic Region and Corporate Compliance Officer.

Dr. Hardesty received her doctorate in pharmacy from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, and she completed a Specialized Geriatrics Residency at the Peter Lamy Center for Drug Therapy and Aging. A fellow of ASCP, Dr. Hardesty actively lectures and writes on clinical and regulatory topics for local and national audiences.


4. Nicole Wormley
Company: Danaher Corporation
Title: Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer

Nicole Wormley is Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer for Danaher Corporation. She first joined the company in 2017 as global director of talent branding and university recruitment. Danaher is a global science and technology innovator committed to helping customers solve complex challenges and improve quality of life around the world.

A global network of more than 25 operating companies, Danaher drives meaningful innovation in some of today’s most dynamic industries through its operating companies in four strategic platforms: Life Sciences, Diagnostics, Water Quality, and Product Identification. The engine at the heart of its success is the Danaher Business System (DBS), a set of tools that enables continuous improvement around lean growth and leadership. Through the ingenuity of its people, the power of DBS, and the impact of its meaningful technologies, it helps realize life’s potential in itself and for those it serves.

Previously, Wormley was Senior Manager of U.S. Talent Acquisition at Campbell Soup Company, and before that Senior Director of College Relations at ARAMARK Corporation. Earlier in her career, she worked with the Philadelphia Zoo as a human resource manager. Wormley graduated from Millersville University of Pennsylvania.


5. Kimberly Brown
Company: Amethyst Technologies
Title: Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer

Kimberly Brown, PhD, is the Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Amethyst Technologies. Dr. Brown first began working in the biotechnology compliance industry in 1998 as an intern for Cell Systems, Inc. while pursuing her doctorate degree. At the time, the company had one employee, the owner, and provided services to Walter Reed’s Pilot Bioproduction Facility (WRAIR PBF). After completing her studies, Dr. Brown continued to work for Cell Systems as validation manager for WRAIR PBF and as Cell Systems’ operations manager.

She increased the project scope at WRAIR PBF to include quality system development, custom software to support FDA-regulated activities, and the validation master plan to ensure sterile vaccines, increasing the contract with the addition of validation services, managing the environmental monitoring system, and commissioning for clean rooms and utilities.

Dr. Brown purchased the contract rights from Cell Systems, Inc. in February 2007 and received the contract to continue providing services to WRAIR PBF. Since then, Amethyst Technologies has experienced steady growth in employees, client base, and revenues. Under her guidance, Amethyst Technologies has grown from two employees to more than 40. Amethyst is a prime contractor to the U.S. Army, USAID, NIH, FDA, Department of State, and the CDC. Amethyst operates in the United States, Africa, and Middle East. Dr. Brown earned her PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Maryland and her Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from the University of Delaware.


6. Vince Proffitt
Company: Spartan Medical®, Inc.
Title: Founder and President

Vince Proffitt founded Spartan Medical® in 2008 to provide America’s veterans and wounded warriors with the most advanced medical technologies and superior service. The company has been awarded 700+ contracts with the federal government, as well as servicing many private hospitals across the United States. In 2020, Spartan Medical® expanded its product line and services, becoming a medical solutions company that supports customers in government, private hospitals, and ASCs.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Profitt and his team committed to getting in the fight, building proven and affordable solutions to combat the evolving crisis. Spartan’s comprehensive, turnkey programs helped suppress COVID-19 outbreaks and keep customers’ organizations safely operating. Spartan established itself as a proven leader in the COVID-19 emergency response space and medical operations management industry.

In 2022, Spartan Medical® was named to the prestigious Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing, privately-owned companies in America, and it was recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work” in the greater Washington, DC region by the Washington Business Journal. Additionally, Profitt has acted as lead investor, advisor, co-founder, and board director of nearly a dozen U.S. and U.K.-based private and publicly-traded companies, actively seeking out the technologies that will make a difference in healthcare. He earned a Bachelor of Science in area studies and political science from the United States Air Force Academy.


7. Bruce Lichorowic
Company: Galen Robotics
Title: President and Chief Executive Officer

Bruce Lichorowic is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Galen Robotics. Galen Robotics is developing a single-platform solution to aid surgeons across several disciplines with minimal disturbance to existing workflows. Its cooperative control paradigm aims to eliminate hand tremor and enable surgeons to realize precise, minimally invasive interventions in otolaryngology, head and neck surgery, and tissue reconstruction that were previously considered beyond human capacity.

Prior to Galen, served as President and CEO of Dynaptics Corporation. He later served as Managing Director of BlueFire Capital Partners and as Interim President and CEO of Trak Surgical Inc. He co-founded Madison Lane Consulting Group and has directed a model of “business engineering” to merge technology and medicine for breakthrough treatments and capabilities. Lichorowic graduated from University of Dayton with an undergraduate degree in business.


8. Yaning Wang
Company: Createrna Science & Technology
Title: Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Yaning Wang is the Chief Executive Officer of Createrna Science & Technology, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics for cardiovascular, respiratory, autoimmune, and renal diseases. He was the Director of the Division of Pharmacometrics in the Office of Clinical Pharmacology for the U.S. FDA until September 2021 and oversaw reviews, research projects, and policy development for all disease areas. During his 18 years of service at the FDA, Dr. Wang was involved in the approval of many new drugs and the publication of various guidance. He also received numerous awards, including an Award of Merit (the highest award at FDA), the FDA Outstanding Service Award, and many others.

Before joining the FDA, Dr. Wang received his PhD in Pharmaceutics and his master’s degree in statistics from the University of Florida in 2003. He also obtained a master’s degree in Biochemistry (1999) from the National Doping Control Center and a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy (1996) from Peking University in China. Dr. Wang served as a committee member for multiple PhD candidates from various universities. He mentored more than 70 former research fellows (visiting scholars, post-doctoral scholars, and PhD candidates) at the FDA.

Dr. Wang is a regulatory expert lecturer for three new drug development and regulatory courses (American Course on Drug Development and Regulatory Sciences, European Course in Pharmaceutical Medicine, Chinese Course on Drug Development and Regulatory Sciences). He served as a board member of the International Society of Pharmacometrics (ISoP) and is a fellow of ISoP. He is a member of the Advisory Committee for the Chinese Pharmacometrics Society and a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for the Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics. Dr. Wang is an Adjunct Professor at University of Florida, Beijing University, and the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has published more than 120 papers and given more than 350 presentations at various national and international meetings as an expert in new drug development and regulation.


9. Tyler Malys
Company: BRMi
Title: Director, Statistical Consulting and Scientific Programming Services

Tyler Malys is the Director, Statistical Consulting and Scientific Programming (SCSP) Services for Data Management Services, Inc. (DMS). DMS is part of the privately held, minority owned BRMi Holdings’ group of award-winning companies, providing both government and commercial markets with end-to-end information technology services. DMS, a wholly owned BRMi subsidiary, has been supporting its clients successfully since 1981, bridging the gap between scientific researchers and their technology partners.

Over the past 40 years of supporting researchers, DMS has developed a great depth of knowledge and a deep appreciation for biomedical and public-health missions. Its information technology services and expertise in data science and data engineering disciplines (e.g., statistical and mathematical modeling, experimental design, and bioinformatics) are helping to reduce the pain and suffering related to cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other infectious diseases.

Prior to becoming the SCSP Director for DMS, Malys was its Assistant Director (2020-2022) and its Manager (2017-2020). Malys was initially hired onto DMS as a Sr. Statistician in 2016. He earned a PhD in bioinformatics and genomics from The Pennsylvania State University in 2015.


10. Nathan Hotaling
Company: Axle Informatics
Title: Senior Vice President of Data Science

Nathan Hotaling is the Senior Vice President of Data Science for Axle Informatics. Axle Informatics is a bioscience and information technology company that offers advancements in translational research, health informatics, and data science applications to research centers and healthcare organizations around the globe. With experts in biomedical science, software engineering, and program management, it develops and applies research tools and techniques that empower decision-making and accelerate research discoveries. It works with some of the top research organizations and facilities in the country, including multiple institutes at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), by offering the responsiveness of a small business coupled with the experience, breadth, and depth of a large organization.

Previously, Hotaling was a biomedical engineer at NIH, and before that a biomedical engineer at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Hotaling earned a PhD in bioengineering and biomedical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, an MS in clinical and translational research from Emory University, and a BS in mechanical engineering and materials science from the University of Central Florida.


11. May Guo
Company: Arranta Bio
Title: Vice President, Nucleic Acids

May Guo is the Vice President, Nucleic Acids at Arranta Bio, a visionary contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) that partners with companies seeking to develop and manufacture complex biological drugs and innovative therapies. Unlike traditional CDMOs, Arranta Bio combines the power of engineering and manufacturing control with skills in molecular biology, and by doing so, offers clients more comprehensive services and enables them to achieve their clinical targets. On the Nucleic Acids side, Arranta Bio aims to accelerate mRNA Drug Product manufacturing by providing end-to-end service, from plasmid manufacturing to mRNA synthesis, to LNP formulation and sterile fill-and-finish.

Guo has over 18 years of experience in drug discovery. She attended a talk by Dr. Drew Pardoll in the early days of immune checkpoint inhibitors and was inspired by the idea of adding immunotherapy as the fourth pillar of cancer treatment in addition to surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Since then, she has worked with the labs of Dr. Bert Vogelstein, Dr. Carl June, and Dr. Steve Rosenberg. She believes together we can beat cancer.

When COVID broke out, she immediately recognized the potential of mRNA as a new therapeutic modality due to its ease of manufacturing. Guo joined TriLink and in her role helped to disseminate knowledge about mRNA design and manufacturing. She joined Arranta Bio early this year and continues her journey to enable mRNA therapeutics. Guo received her MBA from Georgetown University and holds a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from Peking University in China.


12. Claudia Grimaldi
Company: IGC
Title: Vice President, Principal Finance Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Director

Claudia Grimaldi is a director of the board and the principal finance and compliance officer of IGC. She is responsible for building and helping manage an international team of doctors, scientists, and advisors that conduct and manage pre-clinical and FDA-registered clinical trials focused on Alzheimer’s disease.

Grimaldi’s initiative in leading cost-effective solutions by incorporating renowned, high-quality international institutions into IGC’s network has saved the company millions of dollars and enabled it to cut the cost of its pharmaceutical R&D by over 50% compared to the rest of the market. This, in turn, enables IGC to fulfill its mission of providing cost-effective, accessible medications and products that address areas such as agitation in Alzheimer’s dementia, premenstrual syndrome, and dysmenorrhea. Additionally, Grimaldi’s teams are responsible for timely and accurate statutory and regulatory compliance with organizations such as the SEC, FINRA, NYSE, IRS, FDA, IRB, and XETRA 2.

Grimaldi graduated with an MBA from Meredith College and a BA in psychology from Javeriana University and is fluent in Spanish and English. She also attended the University of Virginia Darden School of Business Financial Management Executives program, the Corporate Governance Program at Columbia Business School, and is currently enrolled in the NACD Directorship Certification program.


13. Shashank Patel
Company: Immunai
Title: Associate Vice President – Therapeutics

Shashank Patel currently serves as the Associate Vice President of Therapeutics at Immunai, a company whose mission it is to decode the immune system to improve human health. Immunai leverages single cell technologies and deep algorithm research to bridge the gap between causal immunology and translational disease biology.

At Immunai, the multi-omic information derived from profiling 50M+ single immune cells from human diseases is informing solutions to the key drug development challenges for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. Immunai’s unique technology platform provides unprecedented granular insights into the immune dysfunction of myeloid and T cells in cancers that guides the development of novel therapeutics.

Before joining Immunai, Patel served as Director of Immunology Research leading the discovery and development of immuno-oncology medicines at NextCure, Inc. Prior to that, he worked with Boehringer Ingelheim as a principal scientist and at the National Cancer Institute as a research scientist and later as a team lead. Patel earned his PhD in biomedical sciences (tumor immunology) from the National Institutes of Health–Georgetown University Partnership doctoral program, his master’s in pharmacology from the University of Oxford, and an undergraduate degree in biology and information technology from Middlesex University.


14. Vishnu Dwadasi
Company: Ashvattha Therapeutics
Title: Director, Manufacturing

Vishnu Dwadasi is the Director, Manufacturing at Ashvattha Therapeutics. Ashvattha Therapeutics is developing a new class of drugs which identify and treat diseased cells with unprecedented precision. Its proprietary hydroxyl dendrimer (HD) platform, exclusively licensed from Johns Hopkins University, allows for the creation of hydroxyl dendrimer therapeutics (HDTs), which link known small molecule drugs to HDs for selective delivery with sustained effect in diseased tissues. Ashvattha believes this approach to precision medicine has the potential to change the standard of care across neurology, ophthalmology, hyperinflammatory diseases, and neuro-oncology.

Before joining Ashvattha Therapeutics, Dwadasi was Head of Supply Chain for Pii (Pharmaceutics International, Inc.). Earlier in his career, he worked with Catalent Pharma Solutions as a project manager and later an account executive. He also served as Director of Business Development for BioDuro. Dwadasi graduated from Duke University with an MBA and from Purdue University with an undergraduate degree in health sciences and pharmaceutical sciences.


15. Kamal Mandan
Company: Granules Pharmaceuticals
Title: Chief Financial Officer

Kamal Mandan is the Chief Financial Officer of Granules Pharmaceuticals, a division of Granules India Ltd. Granules India is a fully integrated pharmaceutical manufacturer that produces active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), pharmaceutical formulation intermediates (PFIs), and finished dosages (FDs) which are distributed in over 55 countries. Its formulation R&D and manufacturing facility in Chantilly, Virginia develops and commercializes oral solid dosages for the U.S. market. Granules Pharmaceuticals strives to provide access to safe, effective, and affordable medicines to the people who need them.

Mandan first got his start in 1988 as an account manager at FAG Bearings India Ltd. He later served as Chief Accounts Officer for Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited and as Vice President of Finance at Jubilant Cadista Pharmaceuticals Inc. & Cadista Holdings Inc., his most recent position prior to joining Granules Pharmaceuticals. Mandan graduated from H L College of Commerce and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.


16. Mukul Jain
Company: Senseonics
Title: Chief Operating Officer

Mukul Jain is the Chief Operating Officer of Senseonics, Inc. Jain oversees the operational activities of the company, striving for seamless integration across the organization to deliver transformative glucose monitoring products that enable people with diabetes to confidently live their lives with ease. He is responsible for overseeing quality, regulatory, product development, and global operations, including manufacturing and supply chain.

Prior to joining Senseonics, Jain spent 13 years at Medtronic working on active implantable devices in the CRDM and Neuromodulation space. He was responsible for managing the development of Neurostimulator systems in spinal cord stimulation and sacral nerve stimulation. Prior to that, he worked at Medtronic Energy and Components Center developing various critical components used across Medtronic’s implantable devices. Jain earned his PhD in chemical engineering from the University of South Carolina, his MBA from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, and his Bachelor of Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.


17. Phil Gomez
Company: SIGA Technologies
Title: Chief Executive Officer

Phillip L. Gomez, PhD, has served as SIGA Technologies’ Chief Executive Officer since 2016. Dr. Gomez brings more than 25 years of experience in infectious disease and pharmaceutical business to the company. Prior to joining SIGA, Dr. Gomez was a principal in the Pharma & Life Sciences Management Consulting Practice at PwC and PRTM Management Consultants, where he led the development and execution of business strategies for leading pharmaceutical companies, governmental agencies, academic medical centers, and foundations. Dr. Gomez joined PRTM from the Vaccine Research Center at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the NIH, where he established the Vaccine Production Program against HIV, SARS, Ebola, West Nile Virus, and Influenza.

Prior to the NIH, he spent more than nine years in the pharmaceutical industry at Abbott Laboratories, Sanofi Pasteur, and Baxter in positions of increasing responsibility, leading process/product development initiatives for the development of multiple biologics. Dr. Gomez holds a PhD in chemical engineering from Lehigh University, an MBA from the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, and a Bachelor of Arts from Dartmouth College.


18. Michael Minarich
Company: Leadiant Biosciences
Title: Chief Executive Officer

Michael Minarich is the Chief Executive Officer of Leadiant Biosciences, Inc., which is dedicated to creating novel medicines for the unmet needs of patients with rare diseases. Minarich is responsible for leading the company’s continued commitment to rare and ultra-rare disease therapies through registration, commercialization, and life-cycle management of its proprietary research and development pipeline.

Prior to joining Leadiant in 2015, Minarich provided consulting services to start-up, early, and mid-stage companies in the biosciences and specialty pharmaceutical industries. He spent the previous 20 years as an expatriate in Asia (Seoul), Canada (Montreal), and Europe (Brussels & Prague) as the Market Company President, Czech Republic, for Pharmacia Corporation and at legacy company, G.D. Searle/Monsanto, with increasing responsibilities in international marketing, business development, and general management. Minarich received an MBA in international management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Arizona, a unit of Arizona State University.


19. Tom Feeley
Company: PanTheryx
Title: Chief Financial Officer

With over 30 years of financial and operational experience, Tom Feeley leads all finance and accounting operations for PanTheryx, Inc. Feeley has an extensive background in the nutrition industry, guiding companies through periods of significant change, integration, and hyper-growth. Before joining PanTheryx, he was the Vice President, Nutritional Lipids Category at DSM, where he led a diverse team in delivering market-leading business growth for DSM’s global omega-3 business.

During his tenure at DSM, Feeley also led the acquisition and integration of the world’s largest marine oil business, drove new product and technology innovations, and led programs to streamline operations, improve margins, and reduce waste. Prior to DSM, he held numerous leadership roles at Martek Biosciences Corporation, overseeing financial and treasury functions, creating Martek’s strategic plans, and driving the development of organizational improvements as Martek grew from a fledgling technology company to a leading player in the infant nutrition ingredient space. Feeley has served on several boards, including as Chairman of the Global Organization for EPA and DHA (GOED). He is a licensed CPA and received his BBA in finance and accounting from Loyola University Maryland.


20. Guy Levy-Yurista
Company: Synthace
Title: Chief Executive Officer

Guy Levy-Yurista serves as Chief Executive Officer of Synthace, a life sciences R&D cloud software company enabling experiments thought impossible before. Delivering a life sciences no-code lab automation R&D cloud to scientists who want to innovate faster, the Synthace platform seamlessly automates experimentation and insight sharing so that scientists can focus on asking the most impactful questions to unlock the true potential of biology.

Levy-Yurista is an accomplished executive with deep multidisciplinary experience across science, technology, and business. He specializes in commercializing advanced technologies in fast-changing market environments and has previously served as the Chief Strategy Officer for Sisense, a hyper-growth big data company where he played a pivotal role in their success as a market-leader for data analytics. His personal superpower is finding product-market fit for technical innovations, then delivering on it. Levy-Yurista holds a PhD in physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and is a graduate of the Talpiot program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


21. Vipin Garg
Company: Altimmune
Title: President and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Vipin Garg has served as President and Chief Executive Officer for Altimmune since November 2018. He has more than three decades of experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries and a successful track record of building and leading private and publicly traded companies.

Prior to joining Altimmune, Garg served as President and CEO of Neos Therapeutics, where he built a commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company and launched several branded therapeutic products. He served as President and CEO of Tranzyme Pharma prior to Neos, where he progressed the company from a discovery-stage, emerging biotech to a Nasdaq-listed, clinical-stage drug development company. Before that, Dr. Garg served as CEO of Apex Bioscience, Inc. (acquired by Curacyte AG of Munich, Germany).

Dr. Garg has held senior management positions at DNX Bio-Therapeutics, Inc. (until its acquisition by Baxter Healthcare Corporation), Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (formerly known as Sepracor Inc., now a subsidiary of Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma), and Bio-Response Inc. (acquired by Baxter Healthcare Corporation). Dr. Garg received his PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Adelaide, Australia, and his MS from IARI Nuclear Research Laboratory, New Delhi, India.


22. Anthony Palin
Company: Xstrahl
Title: Chief Operating Officer

Anthony Palin is the Chief Operating Officer of Xstrahl, a medical technology company that designs clinical and research systems to help eradicate cancer. For more than 20 years, Xstrahl has been shaping the development of superficial and orthovoltage therapies for cancer treatment and advancing preclinical research. Xstrahl systems are in operation at more than 700 treatment and research facilities worldwide.

Palin has more than 25 years of experience in the medical device industry. His key leadership experiences include President and other senior positions within customer support for Nucletron, Vision RT, and Macromedics. He has held several consultancy roles as well, successfully building infrastructure and processes for established global customer service organizations. Having moved from the U.K., he has resided within the U.S. for the last 16 years, implementing organizational restructuring, change, and turnaround management. Palin has a proven track record in managing teams to provide high quality and comprehensive customer service and support.


23. Scott Simcox
Company: Restorative Therapies
Title: Chief Technology Officer

Scott Simcox serves as Chief Technology Officer for Restorative Therapies, which is committed to delivering revolutionary Functional Electrical Stimulation medical devices and therapies to help patients stay active and stay ready. Restorative Therapies’​ mission is to help people with a neurological impairment or critical illness achieve their full recovery potential. It is the leading provider of activity-based iFES therapy devices and is committed to providing the best solutions for use in clinics and in the home.

Simcox joined Restorative Therapies in 2004. Prior to that, he worked for seven years as a bioengineer for Cochlear, the global leader in implantable hearing solutions committed to its mission to help people hear and be heard. Simcox graduated from Syracuse University with a Master of Science in electrical engineering and a Bachelor of Science in bioengineering.


24. Brian Hose
Company: EPIC Rx
Title: Chief Executive Officer

Brian Hose is the Chief Executive Officer of EPIC Rx. Member owned and operated, EPIC Rx provides flexible solutions and hands-on resources so pharmacy members can preserve their independence while providing top-quality patient care for their communities and remain competitive in the marketplace.

Hose first got his start in 2006 as a pharmacist at Boonsboro Pharmacy and has owned and operated Sharpsburg Pharmacy in Sharpsburg, Maryland since 2008. Hose was elected to the EPIC Pharmacies board of directors by members in 2016 and has played an active role as chair of the EPIC PharmPAC of Maryland. In addition to his work as a preceptor for multiple pharmacy universities, he is an active advocate for community pharmacy at the state and federal levels.

Hose is a member of the National Community Pharmacists Association, Maryland Pharmacists Association, and American Pharmacists Association. He earned his PharmD from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy and his Bachelor of Arts in biology and biochemistry from McDaniel College.


25. Sharon Reese
Company: AgNovos Healthcare
Title: Chief Financial Officer

Sharon Reese served as Chief Financial Officer of AgNovos Healthcare from April 2020 to July 2022. She first joined the company in 2014 as a Controller. AgNovos Healthcare is a developer of new therapies that leverage proprietary bone-building technology and regenerative medicine to address unmet needs in the treatment of bone disease. The company’s first product, the OSSURE Local Osteo-Enhancement Procedure (LOEP) kit, has been evaluated in multiple clinical studies and is available in select markets.

AgNovos has also initiated RESTORE, a randomized, controlled, prospective, single-blinded, multinational study designed to evaluate the impact of OSSURE LOEP on the risk of secondary hip fractures. In addition, the company developed the AGN1 LOEP SV kit investigational device intended to treat stable but painful vertebral compression fractures. That device has received both a Breakthrough Device designation and an Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Previously, Reese was a senior director of finance at BioReliance and before that Director of Finance, Healthcare Analytics Group at United BioSource Corporation. She also served for seven years as Corporate Controller for Focus Diagnostics Earlier in her career, she worked with Ernst & Young as a manager. Reese earned her Bachelor of Science in accounting from Penn State University and graduated from the Women on Boards: Getting On and Adding Value program from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the HR-Executive Suite Connection program from Harvard Business School.

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