2023: A Year of Innovation, Recognition, and Commitment at Spartan Medical

Jan 3, 2024

As we close out 2023, we want to thank our customers, partners, and fantastic team members for another great year. These past twelve months have seen some phenomenal achievements for our company, and we couldn’t have done it without the trust and confidence of our customers and the commitment of our Spartan team. While we couldn’t possibly encapsulate everything that made 2023 a landmark year in a simple article, we’ve highlighted some of our most proud accomplishments in the paragraphs below.


Revolutionizing the Industry: Game-Changing Technologies

This year, a top focus has been on innovations that not only enhance patient outcomes but also redefine surgical procedures, setting new standards in healthcare.

Leading our suite of technological advancements is SURE Retractors. This game-changing technology has been pivotal in transforming surgical practices, specifically addressing the challenge of Surgical Site Infections (SSIs). By integrating SURE’s revolutionary single-use surgical systems, Spartan Medical Inc. is at the forefront of reducing infection risks, thereby safeguarding patient health and improving recovery times. This significant shift towards Single-use, Sterile Pre-packaged (SSP) instruments marks a new era in surgery, emphasizing safety, efficiency, and the highest standards of care. Our work with SURE is not just an innovation; it’s a commitment to patient well-being and surgical excellence.

Complementing our efforts with SURE, we’ve also embraced other groundbreaking technologies. The introduction of SmartShot™ by Marrow Access Technology Partners into our armamentarium signifies a leap in cartilage repair and restoration procedures. SmartShot stands out as a minimally invasive solution that optimizes patient outcomes, representing a stark contrast to traditional, more damaging marrow stimulation technologies.

Similarly, our adoption of RemeOs™ absorbable metal screws from Bioretec is a testament to our dedication to advancing surgical implant innovations. These screws naturally integrate and dissolve within the human body, eliminating the need for a future implant removal while reducing long-term implant-related complications. These innovations are not just advancements; they reflect our commitment to patient-centered care and surgical excellence.


Fighting for our Nation’s Heroes – Past, Present, and Future

In 2023, Spartan Medical Inc. passionately pursued initiatives to support our country’s current and future heroes: our uniformed service people, our honored veterans, and our students.

Central to our efforts is the Veteran HealthPak™ initiative, a partnership with Tangelo. This program stresses our dedication to enhancing the quality of life for veterans. Aligned with the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Whole Health initiative, the Healthpak is a medially-tailored, “food is medicine” approach designed to address many of the chronic health conditions prevalent among veterans (i.e., diabetes, heart disease, etc.). This is an attempt to meet an historically under-resourced population exactly where they are while providing them with the life-changing tools they need and deserve.

In tandem with our work for veterans, Spartan has taken significant strides in addressing the mental health crisis among college students. Recognizing the urgent need for better mental health resources on campuses, we have continued to expand our partnerships with colleges and universities to get comprehensive solutions directly into the hands of students. Mental health resource hubs like Mindyra™ create a safe space for students to seek help, guidance, and support from both peers and professionals, making campuses a place for young people to truly thrive.

Another cornerstone of our community support is the Gregory Proffitt Memorial Fund, established this year by the Proffitt Brothers Foundation, Spartan Medical’s charitable arm. This scholarship commemorates the legacy of the late Gregory Proffitt, who served as Spartan’s Vice President and General Counsel, by supporting students in their educational journeys. It’s a reflection of our belief in the power of education and our commitment to nurturing future leaders and professionals.

Additionally, Spartan’s involvement in the inaugural Jania Mania Race for Veteran Charities, which successfully raised over $20,000 for veteran charities, highlights our ongoing commitment to veteran communities. We are so proud of this event and see it as emblematic of what meaningful community engagement can do. Dreamed up and organized by a high school student-athlete who wanted to give back, Jania Mania supported four fantastic veteran-focused charities, further maximizing its impact.


Gaining Recognition Along the Way

In 2023, Spartan Medical Inc. proudly earned several prestigious awards, reflecting both our commitment to excellence and the trust granted to us by our partners and clients alike.

Our innovative approach in the healthcare sector was recognized on a national scale as we were listed among the Top 100 Healthcare Technology Companies. This placement is a nod to our forward-looking work in developing and implementing cutting-edge technologies that revolutionize healthcare. Being included in this prestigious list emphasizes our role as a leader in healthcare innovation, dedicated to improving patient care and advancing medical technology.

For the second consecutive year, we were voted as one of the Best Places to Work in Greater Washington DC by the Washington Business Journal. This recognition goes beyond just a title; it is a reflection of our vibrant company culture, our dedication to employee satisfaction, and our strong ethos of teamwork and mutual respect. Being placed on this list again validates our ongoing efforts to create an inclusive and empowering workplace where our employees can thrive and contribute to our shared success.

Spartan Medical also ranked 13th on the Washington Business Journal’s list of the Largest Veteran Owned Businesses in Washington DC. This ranking is particularly meaningful to us, as it reminds us of our roots and how far we’ve come. It underlines our dedication not just to serving the veteran community but also to exemplifying the values of leadership, integrity, and service in our business practices.


Trailblazing Leadership: Vince Proffitt’s Year of Honors and Insights

Finally, we are celebrating the remarkable achievements of Spartan Medical’s Founder and President, Vince Proffitt. His leadership and vision have not only propelled our company to new heights but have also earned him distinguished acknowledgement in the healthcare industry.

This year, Vince Proffitt was honored with the prestigious US Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year award, was named among the Top 25 Healthcare Technology Leaders in Washington, DC, had a series of leadership articles published in INC, and had an impactful podcast headlined on Coffee With Closers.

These accolades are a testament to his spirit and drive— a contagious force that permeates the entire Spartan team. Spartan Medical has become a symbol of innovation and excellence, continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in medical technology and patient care.

Vince Proffitt’s recognitions and contributions in 2023 are a source of pride for our entire team. Vince stated, “Nearly 16 years since we started this journey, it has been a roller coaster ride that is impossible to summarize…perpetual motion forward, everyone contributes, and when we are all heading the same direction, that makes this journey truly special. I am honored to be a part of this mission, this experiment, this Spartan Family, and all recognition belongs to each and every Spartan, with my most sincere appreciation.”


In Closing

2023 was another year of groundbreaking evolution for our once-little company. Spartan Medical came from humble beginnings, built from the ground up with purpose, intention, and plenty of grit. We’re continually amazed by what we’ve been able to accomplish through our unique approach. Though we’re happy to bear the title, we don’t always see ourselves as “revolutionary”— we’re just staying true to what we value, continuing to innovate, believing in each other, and proving that nothing is impossible. We are pleased to report that mission orientation, commitment to excellence, and sticking to your North Star really will get you far.

Thank you again to everyone who made this year possible, we can’t wait to see what 2024 will bring!