Free Webinar: Addressing the Mental Health Crisis on College Campuses

Jun 6, 2023


Learn more about the mental health crisis that is plaguing college campuses, as well as institution-wide strategies to improve student mental health fitness and build resilience for your entire campus community.

Watch this free webinar to explore:

  • Common challenges colleges are encountering as they try to address the mental health crisis.
  • Why on-campus counseling centers are struggling to meet increasing student needs.
  • How schools can integrate additional tools to augment their current resources.
  • How technology can benefit your entire campus community, not only those in critical need.
  • Keys to prevention and early intervention
  • Why mental health care is like a marathon.


Kent Stahl, MD

Kent earned a Bachelor of Science in life sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, obtained his M.D. at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, and completed his post-graduate training in internal medicine at Hartford Hospital. He is an assistant clinical professor at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine and a Diplomate with the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Kent founded and led what is now one of the largest medical practices in Connecticut, and currently serves as Chief Medical Officer of Mindyra, bringing quality mental health care to more people.

Connor Patros, PhD

Connor is a clinical child psychologist, earning his Ph.D. from Oklahoma State University and completing a postdoctoral research fellowship at Temple University. He specialized in externalizing behavior disorders and neuroscience, and has published nearly twenty peer reviewed research articles.

Connor has spent the last three years focused on developing software products that assist healthcare providers and organizations in supporting the mental health of their respective populations. He has been a key player in helping organizations rollout programs that improve their workplace culture surrounding mental health.

Spartan Medical Inc is a leading provider of innovative medical technologies and solutions for healthcare providers, government agencies, schools, civilian hospitals, and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) across the country. We’ve been awarded more than 700 contracts with the United States federal government, and we have served hundreds of medical facilities and schools around the world. We are committed to delivering advanced medical technologies that improve patient care and outcomes. 

During the pandemic, we provided on-site operations management and an award-winning turnkey testing solution for college campuses. One of our customers, Colorado State University Pueblo, was awarded the 2021 Excellence and Innovation Award for Campus Pandemic Response by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), which has 400 members across the country. We are now battling the hidden pandemic plaguing college campuses, the Mental Health Crisis.

We’ve spoken with a lot of college administrators in the past year, and many of them are seeking guidance on how to address the mental health crisis. So, we organized a free webinar, along with two highly sought-after experts on mental health, to discuss the common challenges colleges are encountering, answer some of the most pressing questions, and share strategies and solutions that help students improve their mental health fitness and build resilience.

If your school is overwhelmed by the mental health crisis, and you’re seeking guidance, please watch this free webinar.

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Fighting the hidden pandemic: A Mental Wellness Program to Build Fitness, Resilience, and Self-Awareness within Your Student Population. Spartan Medical® recently launched a technology solution to help address the mental health crisis among college students.

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It is time for intervention and change to support and improve mental health in collegiate athletics. In a recent NCAA survey, rates of mental exhaustion, anxiety, and depression in student-athletes have remained 1.5x-2x higher than pre-pandemic rates.

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