Sharing the Spartan Story – Q&A with Juan A. De La O, Director of Orthopedics for Spartan Medical®

Dec 21, 2021

What are your responsibilities and objectives?

I am responsible for the management, education and training for our Spartan Medical® sales force in the Orthopedic Surgical Specialty.

I have the pleasure and objective of driving the business with our existing product offering in the DOD and VA health system, engage the orthopedic industry for new and cutting-edge technology, and educate our current Spartan Sales Force. Recently, my responsibilities have expanded to supporting the Spartan K-12 COVID-19 Testing Project.


Where are you from and how did you end up at Spartan Medical®?

I’m from El Paso, Texas. I came to my current position through business ventures and distribution business models that had worked alongside Spartan Medical®. I have worked with Spartan for more than seven years as an independent sales representative. In July of 2020, I was offered the honor of being the Director of Orthopedics for Spartan Medical®


What drew you to Spartan Medical®?

There is a culture of success and forward progress that made my decision easy to join the team. One more reason was the sales force, which shows the hunger for education and the brilliance to accomplish great things.

What is your favorite part of working for Spartan Medical®?

The training and communication with the Spartan sales force in the new and “tried & true” technology is by far my greatest pleasure. Also, the relationships that Spartan has nurtured and the building of new ones is one more of my favorite opportunities in my position.

What has been the biggest change since you joined the team?

The change is palpable in driving business with a confident sales force that takes accountability, our focus of mission accomplishment, and relationship loyalty throughout the entire team. For me personally, my change has been growth in management style, team expectations reached and realized, and a business education from administration that was sorely needed.


What do you attribute Spartan Medical’s exponential growth to?

Teamwork to pivot, advanced communication skills and integrating well with new relationships. There is a sense of confidence and exceptional sight for the future that keeps the team motivated, active and fluid to the current changes in the medical industry and social environment. It is not one thing. It’s the sum of the whole Spartan Medical® Team.


You’ve said that market challengers such as Spartan Medical® benefit from having a compelling story to tell about their rise. Can you explain?

Market leaders create barriers to constrain competitors and they attract most of the market’s focus. To overcome those barriers, a market challenger needs to have a compelling story. It’s the company story, including why the company was started, what direction its headed and how it’s going to get there, that captures the attention of customers and investors, motivates employees and drives success.

What do you think is Spartan Medical’s story?

Two Brothers had the foresight to begin a company from scratch and wanted to make a difference in the military and veterans communities. That is what I see as the compelling reason to follow Spartan Medical® and be a part of the story.

Why do you think the Spartan Story is compelling?

There is a collective history from every single Spartan Administrator that adds up to hundreds of years of experience, military leadership and volunteer work experience. When harnessed and focused, the foundation has the professional swagger to challenge and overtake healthy market share while simultaneously offering charity work aligned in the military and veterans communities.

Where do you see Spartan Medical® in five years?

I can easily see Spartan Medical® employing Regional Managers responsible for our workforce throughout the country. I also see Spartan Medical® as a solid government workforce, supporting our military and veterans efforts in and outside the medical industry.

What are you most excited about for Spartan’s future?

I’m very excited about the new generation of professional sales representatives and logistical support team that Spartan has today. What I have seen this past year and a half from Spartan Medical’s workforce, including its ability to pivot and support each other through a pandemic, is nothing short of brilliant!

What has been your proudest moment thus far at Spartan Medical®?

I have had several this past year, but I still want to reserve my proudest moment, because I do believe it will be made by the sum of all that we will accomplish.