Spartan Medical®’s success is our partner’s success

Feb 25, 2022

BrightStar Care is the nation’s premier provider of home health care and premium medical staffing services. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Spartan Medical® has partnered with BrightStar Care (BSC) franchise offices across the country to provide COVID-19 testing and vaccination solutions to local and state governments, K-12 schools, colleges and universities, non-profit organizations, and private institutions.

As with many of Spartan Medical’s projects, “collaboration and teamwork” was/is key to our collective success. So, we asked Andri Purkanto, one of the BSC franchise owners for Baltimore County and Baltimore City, to share his experience working with Spartan Medical®.

Q&A with Andri Purkanto, BrightStar Care franchise owner for
Baltimore County and Baltimore City

When did you partner with Spartan Medical® and in what ways do you work together?

Eric Jania, Director of COVID Testing/Vaccination Solutions, contacted us at the end of September 2021 about the Concentric by Ginkgo K-12 Testing Program for the Baltimore City School District. We rapidly staffed forty schools with up to five clinicians per site in less than one week. Our BrightStar Baltimore team worked closely with Tim Lewis and Brennan Hare at Spartan Medical® to consistently maintain superb clinical execution from day one.

Our success on the Concentric by Ginkgo testing program led Contracting Director Jeff Vail to call us in early November about the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) Mobile Vaccination Program (GoVax). We began staffing five daily MDH GoVax vaccination clinics in two weeks. We also became the logistical hub for Spartan Medical® to support daily deployments to vaccination clinics. This includes our Baltimore Control Tower, Cold Chain Storage, and Warehouse Infrastructure for all supplies necessary to stand up and break down daily clinics.


What has it been like working with Spartan Medical®?

The Spartan and BrightStar partnership is an example of ‘1 + 1 = 3+’. When two organizations with a similar mission and philosophy regarding patient care collaborate on a project, they both become a “force multiplier” by complementing each other’s strengths. It is limitless what we can do together. It has been rewarding operationally, emotionally, and financially. We share the same drive, commitment, and entrepreneurial spirit.


What are some of the best parts of your partnership with Spartan Medical®?

Two words: Trust and Respect.

Trust: We believe you can’t make a ‘win-win’ deal with someone you don’t trust, regardless of a written contract. It is hard to explain, but there was a level of trust that was created with Vince Proffitt, Spartan Medical’s President, and the rest of the management team that got us through the time of uncertainties.

Respect: We both share bias towards action and taking calculated risks. We don’t say NO to opportunities even if it is operating in an unchartered territory where we need to be trail-blazers.

I know that you and Spartan Medical® have faced some challenges and had an operational pause in the Maryland Mobile Vaccine Program – What was your experience working with Spartan through that difficult time?

The Maryland Mobile VAX program taught us some humility by first experiencing the joys of success and then the pain of almost losing the project. I appreciate Vince’s exemplification of Jocko Willink’s GOOD philosophy. When something bad happens, make the most of it to get better. The operational pause gave us a great opportunity to regroup, refocus, and retrain which further distanced our lead from other vendors and solidified our commitment to excellence with Spartan Medical’s client.


What has surprised you the most about working with Spartan Medical®?

Spartan Medical’s ability to build a team and infuse it with a culture of excellence. I get to experience it firsthand as the Spartan Medical® and Brightstar Care teams work cohesively as one unit from our Hunt Valley location. The team consists of people of integrity, intelligence, dedication, and accountability. I feel that they are all united by the gratitude of doing something of consequence. They wake up in the morning and go to work knowing that they are contributing to something bigger than themselves. I personally benefitted from the teams’ positive energy; my internal battery gets recharged by simply being around them.


What are your plans to partner with Spartan Medical® in the future?

Our legal entity name is 3P Health. 3P stands for Purpose, Passion, and Profit; in that order. This is our ‘why’ of business existence. I don’t know how, what and when, but I know we will go far together because we share the same ‘why’ and we are each other’s force multiplier. This platform is the bedrock of our future success. As long as we maintain the trust and respect of each other, I think there is a magical power of future opportunities building upon current opportunity.


To discuss partnership opportunities with Spartan Medical®, please send an email to Tim Lewis at