Vince Proffitt of Spartan Medical Inc. Appointed to Two Boards for U.K.-based Companies; Pledges to Maximize Product Potential

May 18, 2022

Vince ProffittVince Proffitt, President and Founder of Spartan Medical Inc., has been appointed to the boards of two UK-based medical device companies, SURE Retractors LTD. and TruSpine Technologies PLC. These appointments come on the heels of Spartan Medical’s recent investment dedications to SURE and TruSpine.

Mr. Proffitt founded Spartan Medical® in 2008 to provide an extensive portfolio of advanced medical devices from premier partners. As a CVE-certified Service-Disabled Veteran-owned Small Business, Spartan Medical® is considered a top priority vendor of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense. Mr. Proffitt’s relationships and expertise will help SURE Retractors LTD. and TruSpine Technologies expand brand awareness and get their products into the hands of surgeons around the world.

Two products will be introduced in the United States by Spartan Medical® through business partnerships prompted by Mr. Proffitt’s appointment to the two Board of Directors. SURE is a privately-owned medical device company responsible for developing a single-use spinal retractor system. TruSpine Technologies PLC is a publicly-traded company responsible for the innovation and invention that led to the development of Cervi-LOK™.

SURE is a revolutionary single-use retractor system built for spinal surgery. The device is lightweight, strong, sterile, and modular, with a lighting element and clear blades to help surgeon visualization. SURE also utilizes radiolucent retractors, which don’t impede X-ray clarity.

Of the retractor system, Mr. Proffitt said “The SURE Retractor System is completely unique in the marketplace and offers significant benefits to healthcare institutions, including in VA and DoD hospitals where Spartan has well established relationships with the U.S. Government and in public hospitals and further afield. This will be a new distinctive offering to the spinal market, one that will generate interest throughout the entire Orthopaedic community, ultimately leading to substantial public health benefits across the country. We look forward to offering SURE’s spinal retractors to our customers as well as expanding SURE’s product awareness here in the U.S. market.”

Cervi-LOK™ is a screw-free spinal stabilization system designed to minimize the risk of vertebral artery injury which can cause brainstem stroke or nerve root and spinal cord injury. This unique technology is also minimally invasive without disruption to any critical anatomy.

“The Cervi-LOK™ is one of most exciting technologies our team has seen in the past decade,” said Mr. Proffitt, “We believe it can transform the way that spinal stabilization is efficiently and safely delivered for better patient outcomes, nationwide, and even in forward-operating medical facilities.”

Seeing the opportunity to better serve patients and providers, Mr. Proffitt became a private investor to aid TruSpine in bringing the Cervi-LOK to the U.S. Because of Mr. Proffitt’s knowledge and expertise in the medical device field, TruSpine saw the advantage in appointing Vince to the Board of Directors.

Ian Roberts, CEO of TruSpine, commented in a press release, “The Board and I are delighted to welcome Vince to the company at this exciting stage of its development. His specific background in the U.S. healthcare environment and in-depth knowledge of the sector are instrumental, and mean he is excellently placed to serve in this role at an important time for TruSpine. We look forward to capitalising on his expertise and for the value he will bring to the team.”

Similarly, Vince Proffitt has also been appointed to the Board of Directors for SURE to assist in maximizing their product’s potential.

Forbes Butterfield, CEO of SURE, commented in a press release, “Spartan Medical® has been awarded 700+ Federal Government contracts with 13+ years of flawless performance. Vince and his team have already made a significant contribution to our R&D process, and we look forward to working with them to expand our brand presence in the U.S. market.”

With his new position as board member, Mr. Proffitt finds another way to fulfill his lifelong obligation to service while contributing to the robust development of two medical device companies on the frontlines of groundbreaking work. He stated, “I’ve learned it takes a committed team of professionals to successfully complete any project. No one person can do it all. When a company partners with my Spartan team, the expertise we bring across the spectrum of clinical, contracting, logistics, and overall business knowledge, is invaluable. We look to prove it in the coming months.”

Stay tuned as we follow the progress of advancements.