Spartan Medical is leading the industry in the drive to prevent surgical site infections (SSIs).

We are attacking this major challenge from two directions simultaneously by providing innovative sterile instruments and implants as well as providing best-in-class wound care products.

  • SSIs present a massive challenge, increasing healthcare costs by as much as $10 billion1
  • SSIs occur in 4.4% of all surgeries.2
  • In instrumented spinal surgeries specifically, there is a 6.6% rate of SSIs, and an astounding 4.9% rate of deep incisional SSI – which cost an average of $93,741to treat.3
  • The majority of SSIs result from contaminated surgical instruments and implants.

Too many surgical instrument designs are virtually impossible to properly clean of bone and tissue. In response, Spartan Medical is developing a full range of single-use, sterile, pre-packaged (SSP) instruments and implants including:

The Sure Retractor, the world’s first and only SSP surgical retractor.

  • Maximize Surgical Volume – Generate More Revenue
  • OR Efficiencies – Reducing Pre & Post Op Workloads
  • Reduce reliance on Sterilization Processing Department
  • No-cross contamination risk -Reduce an area of potential Infection Risk
  • Reduction in X–Ray Exposure for OR team – Patient & OR Staff Wellbeing & Safety
  • No Cancelled Cases – Always Surgery Ready
  • Ease of Use & Staff Well-being
  • Available for weekend or emergency cases

Spartan Medical has also developed its own line of single-use, always-sharp kerrisons, and is beginning distribution of a full line of SSP spinal fusion products and instruments.

Even eliminating this primary source of infections with SSP instruments and implants, the remaining third of SSIs result from general operating theater conditions. There, Spartan Medical provides Imbed Biosciences’ Microlyte® Matrix, a next-generation, shelf-stable wound care product FDA approved for the management of surgical wounds.

  • Microlyte® eliminates a majority of infectious bacteria before an SSI can develop.5
  • Antimicrobial for > 3 days in a surgical wound.5
  • Preclinical studies demonstrated dramatic reduction of surgical site bacterial counts and also accelerated healing of clean surgical wounds.
  • In a prospective clinical trial of diabetic foot and ankle surgery with a historic surgical site infection rate of 15%, no surgical site infections were noted in those treated with Microlyte® Matrix.7

As the industry leader in utilizing this two-pronged approach to attack surgical site infections through both prevention and immediate elimination, Spartan Medical aims to dramatically reduce the nearly twenty thousand Americans who die each year from SSIs.8