Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM)

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Supporting Product Literature:

Innovation often follows the straightest path. Attention to basic fundamentals has always been key to the best clinical outcomes. SpartanFuse100 DBM is simply comprised of human bone and buffered water.

  • Made from 100% human bone: Nothing added that may get in the way of bone healing
  • Osteoconductive: DBM provides ideal scaffold that directs and supports bone formation
  • Osteoinductive: Potential is well established for DBMs, and higher concentrations of DBM has been proven to significantly increase Neovascularization, Osteoblastic Activity, Chondrogenesis, and Osteogenesis
  • Excellent handling characteristics:
  • Will shape and conform to fill unique bony voids
  • Retains shape and will not wash away or migrate with lavage
  • Easy storage and use:
  • Stores at ambient room temperature and ready for immediate use
  • No prep time or reconstitution required
  • FDA Registered and AATB accredited

All necessary regulatory documentation, instructions for use, published studies, patient education tools, etc. (as applicable) can be provided upon request by contacting or (888) 240-8091. We are available at any time to meet with Providers and Staff to answer any questions about Spartan Medical’s entire portfolio of advanced medical solutions.