Spartan offers a full comprehensive portfolio of unique, differentiated Spinal technologies ranging from Spinal Fixation to Interbody Fusion Devices to Dynamic Surgical Guidance, all available on contract in the Federal Government. Our portfolio is clinically vetted and user focused, built with the health care provider and patients before all else.

Available via both Spartan Medical’s

Spinal FixatioN

Spartan has a vast portfolio of unique, differentiated technologies built to fit your needs. Contact your local consultant directly, or reach out at 888-240-8091 or, at any time to learn more.


From simple anterior plates to stand alone, all-in-one plate/interbody combinations, to complex posterior systems securing the occiput to the thoracic spine, Spartan has every type of cervical pathology solution available now.


A diverse offering for all thoracolumbar fixation needs. Sourced from the most innovative manufacturers in the medical device market, Spartan gets the surgeon exactly what they need for each patient, not ‘what we have.’ We don’t fit round pegs into square holes…we provide solutions customized to the surgeon’s practice, and their patient’s needs.

MIS / Complex Deformity / Revision

Spartan offers “best-in-class” instruments and implants for complex deformity and difficult revision spine cases as well as the latest cutting edge technology for minimally invasive spine surgery.