SURE Retractors Inc. Appoints Vince Proffitt to Board of Directors

May 3, 2022

With the completion of SURE’s recent $1.5M seed financing, SURE has appointed its lead investor, Vince Proffitt, owner and operator of Spartan Medical® (“Spartan”), to its Board of Directors. Spartan is a rapidly growing U.S.-based supplier of advanced medical technologies, with 36 U.S. core employees and over 100 independent contractors nationwide.

Forbes Butterfield, CEO of SURE, commented, “Spartan Medical® is considered a top priority vendor to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”) and U.S. Department of Defense (“DoD”) as a CVE-certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.They have been awarded 700+ Federal Government contracts with 13+ years of flawless performance. Vince and his team have already made a significant contribution to our R&D process, and we look forward to working with them to expand our brand presence in the US market.”

Mr. Proffitt of Spartan Medical® added, “The Sure Retractor System is completely unique in the marketplace and offers significant benefits to healthcare institutions, including in VA/DoD hospitals where Spartan has well established relationships with the U.S. Government and in public hospitals and further afield.This will be a new distinctive offering to the spinal market, one that will generate interest throughout the entire Orthopaedic community, ultimately leading to substantial public health benefits across the country.We look forward to offering SURE’s spinal retractors to our customers as well as expanding SURE’s product awareness here in the U.S. market.”

In addition, SURE announced that it expects to launch its open lumbar, mini-open and cervical retractor systems in Q3 this year. Mr. Butterfield remarked, “With more surgeries being done in Ambulatory Surgery Centers, we believe our technology will help improve overall efficiency, eliminate cross-contamination between patients thus reducing a potential infection risk and the overall costs.”

SURE is a medical devices company that has developed an industry-disruptive retractor for spinal surgery.The device is made of a special polymer material which is lightweight, strong and radiolucent, resulting in lower X-Ray exposure for the surgical team.SURE’s retractor is single-use which mitigates the risk of cross-contamination, eliminates the need for sterile processing departments, improves OR efficiency and allows for more planning and throughput of surgical cases.This is even more important today given the pressure on all aspects of the healthcare system exerted by COVID-19.SURE has filed patents for its technology around the world.